BuzzCut crew made this vid alongside lead singer Marlon of French Band La Femme. La Femme - It's Time To Wake Up music video made it on VEVO France. Unfortunately VEVO FR hasn't purchased licensing rights to play any of it's videos here in America, bummer. Next time you are in Paris, give this video a go. The video below is viewable, our first video with La Femme titled Sur La Planche


We drove a recreational vehicle 3000 miles through Europe. Starting in Rome, heading to France for the duct tape invitational, then back to Rome. Here is a short  pictorial story  of our maiden journey. Photos by Trimm, Danica, and Pero 


This parking spot was our home for 9 days. Cote des Basques. 

EUROTOUR_Part1 copy

The kitchen in our RV was deluxe. 

EUROTOUR_Part2 copy

Eating Grandma Ramazzotti's famous handmade Gnocchi. Our RV had a deluxe dining room in the back.

EUROTOUR_Part14 copy

Danica Elbertse. Ship Master. Buzz-Cut Operator.

EUROTOUR_Part17 copy

George Trimm. Captain. Buzz-Cut Operator. Photo: Danica

EUROTOUR_Part13 copy

Daniele Ramazzotti. Captain. Buzz-Cut Foreign Affairs. Tosh Tudor. Cabin Boy.


Jared Mell. Sailing Master. Borderline. Photo:Danica

EUROTOUR_Part15 copy

We spotted Judah Tudor, sizing people up. Dude is a thug. 


French Cat. 300mm prime lens . 1/125 @ F11. 

EUROTOUR_Part16 copy



Filming Robin Kegel with too long of a lens. Wear a leash here.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 6.27.22 PM

Robin Kegel driving a Gato. photo by Pero Hayashi
  Robin Falxa now wears 2 leashes when he surfs here.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 6.27.43 PM

Robin was thinking of having a party so he drew up a flyer. Photo: Pero Hayashi

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 6.31.06 PM

This was the European premiere of our film "Bootleg." which coincidentally was the opening for Robin's french wing of Gato Heroi, Gato Bask. 

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 7.31.32 PM

EUROTOUR_Part3 copy

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 6.30.42 PM

Photo: Pero Hayashi

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 6.37.22 PM
Photo: Pero Hayashi, boards by Gato, photo gallery by yata. yata had a really dope surfar super8mm short film he showed. 
EUROTOUR_Part4 copy

EUROTOUR_Part10 copy
Bradford had the time of his life
flyer_rome_2copies IMG_1844

EUROTOUR_Part11 copy
Jared stole this girl from the dude in the blue shirt. 

That concludes our trip, Europe treated us well. Thanks to everyone who was involved. Look for super16mm and super8mm film from this trip in the next Buzz-Cut film, "Forbidden Trimm."